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Brow Tinting & Lash Tinting

Brow Tinting & Lash Tinting

Brow Tinting & Lash Tinting

Ready to ditch the brow powder/pencil and mascara as part of your daily routine? Our Brow and Lash Tinting services can get you there!

This safe, semi-permanent hair tint is specially formulated for use on the eyebrows & eyelashes, and the resulting color creates hassle-free, natural-looking darkened brows and lashes for on-the-go glam.

We will choose the shade that best compliments your coloring. The Brow Tint will last on the skin for 2-3 days and enhance your brow color for up to 4 weeks. You can combine a Brow Tint with any other brow service.

Bronsun Dye Service

Looking for a more intense dye treatment for your eyebrows and lashes? We also offer Bronsun dye, the first extra long lasting gel dye with a henna effect. While it lasts a bit longer on your skin (up to 7 days), it also provides a more dramatic dye that remains on your brow hairs and eyelashes for up to 7 weeks.

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